Informationzation and Management
Philosophy of “Digital Intelligence ECEC”

ECEC possesses an intelligent management platform. Through digital and intelligent transformation, ECEC comprehensively enhances service capabilities, improves management methods, improves operation efficiency, and fully completes the qualitative change of delicacy management and intelligent operation.

Engineering Digitization

ECEC adopts the international common mode and applies data to drive the integrated and coordinated management and control of engineering construction projects. The Company promotes the full application of 3D collaborative forward design by various disciplines, comprehensively controls the project progress, quality and cost, can complete the digital delivery of large projects valued 10 billion (CNY) grade based on 3D models and data in high quality, and has experience in digital design and delivery of many large chemical projects in China and abroad. The Company is dedicated to engineering design integration, 3D factory design, digital delivery and intelligent chemical plant construction, and will provide effective correlation of data assets in the whole life cycle to provide effective support for the later operation, maintenance and management of digital plant.

Company data center: full professional material coding, data center, knowledge base

Management Digitization

Company Level Data Platform

Project Level Data Platform

Integrate Data Resources


Automatic Realization

Data Curation
Data Analysis

IT Infrastructure Construction

Safe and Stable

Company’s Data Center

Network System

Efficient Informatization Coordination Platform

Virtualization Technology


Hybrid Cloud Technology


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