Message from Chairman
Message from Chairman

Li Lixin, Chairman of ECEC

In 1963, in order to promote the development of the chemical industry in China, the Third Design Institute of Ministry of Chemical Industry of China started its business operation, which was the predecessor of East China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (ECEC). For nearly sixty years, ECEC has grown into an international engineering company with high technical level, top technical talents and rich engineering experience after system restructuring and transformation, entering into the capital market and achieving its continuous growth.

Presently, ECEC adheres to the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind, works with the international community to maintain the ecological security of the earth, and accelerates the construction of a new pattern of green development. ECEC holds firmly the development strategy of “one fundamentals + three vertical and three horizontal development strategies”, the road of development to differentiation, industrialization and internationalization, and sticks to the industrial orientation of new materials, new energy and new environmental protection to promote the high quality development of ECEC in its transformation and upgrading.

In the future, ECEC will carry out its mission as “Delivering value, Building the future”. ECEC will seize the underlying principle of “prioritizing stability while pursuing progress”, endeavor to build an engineering company with global competence, and ECEC will assist China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation Ltd. in building a comprehensive solution provider in the industrial and engineering field and high-end chemical and advanced material supplier, which will make contributions towards the Journey to Fully Build a Modern Socialist China.