Who We Are
Who We Are
  • 1963 Founded in

  • 2000+ Completed projects

  • 300+ Honors

  • 1800+ Existing staff

East China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ECEC”), located in Hefei, Anhui, China, is affiliated to China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation Ltd. that is directly under State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council of China. ECEC originated from the former Third Design Institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry of China established in 1963, carried out shareholding system reform in 2001, and was listed successfully in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2007. As a modern science and technology enterprise, ECEC is one of the earliest that has undergone shareholding system reform and became public listed in the engineering survey and design industry of China. As one of the Top 100 engineering survey and design enterprises in China, ECEC was awarded the titles of “AAA Credit Enterprise”, “National Hi-tech Enterprise” for successive years, and “National Civilized Entity” as early as 2005.


ECEC possesses National Comprehensive Class A Engineering Design Qualification, Class 1 in General Contract for Petrochemical Engineering Construction, and top qualifications in many fields such as Environmental Protection Works, planning and design, etc. ECEC is always at the leading position in the chemical engineering construction field, with completion of more than 2000 engineering projects in total, among which it has been awarded more than 300 awards at the provincial level such as national scientific progress award and national top quality engineering award, and it maintains more than 150 patents and proprietary technologies. Synthetic Gas to Ethylene Glycol Technology developed with the cooperation of HighChem Company has won the national quality innovation award, with 70% of market shares in China‘s market. Meanwhile, ECEC takes the lead for long in the market of design and construction of large coal chemical plants such as methanol, synthetic ammonia and urea; has the leading competitive advantages in the chemical design and construction markets of natural gas chemical and coke oven gas as well.

ECEC is specialized in the full process of R & D, consulting, engineering design, procurement, construction management, start-up instruction, project supervision, general contracting, PMC management, operation and other services of projects construction in chemical industry, petrochemical industry, new materials, new energy, ecological environmental protection, infrastructure, biomedicine and other fields. The Company has more than 1800 employees now, with diversified professional disciplines and reasonable talents structure, including 1 China national engineering survey and design master, 9 provincial and industrial design masters, 104 professorate senior engineers, and personnel with senior technical titles account for more than 40% of the total employees.

ECEC takes an active part in the international market competition and collaboration. Adopting the international common modes, with exquisite technologies, good reputation and enthusiastic service, ECEC has contracted for projects in several fields from more than ten countries, including Russia, South Korea, Indonesia and Tunisia, etc. Currently, ECEC has established several business development bases in Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe, South America and other regions. Moreover, ECEC maintains close cooperation with world well-known licensors and engineering companies from the USA, Germany, Japan, France, the UK, Holland, Belgium and other countries as well as chemical giants like BASF, Shell, Covestro, AP, etc.

ECEC takes the “project manager responsibility system” and the “Integrated Management of engineering project” as the core, performs integrated and digital management of the whole construction process of engineering projects. For years, ECEC has used engineering databases as support and utilized platform such as SmartPlant 3D, E3D, PDMS, etc. to boost the overall application of 3D collaborative forward design by all disciplines. Moreover, using the Primavera P6 and PowerPMS project management platforms, it controls project progress, quality and costs; and using the AVEVA NET, SmartPlant Foundation and other platforms, it achieves the integration and delivery of digital plants to gather strength for the construction of smart plants, operation and maintenance of intelligent plants.

Facing the extensive and profound economic and social systematic reform driven by “carbon neutrality and emission peak”, ECEC in the new era firmly adheres to the development strategy as “one fundamentals + three vertical and three horizontal development strategies”. ECEC will focus on the three orientations towards technological integration, project contracting and investment operation, vertically promotes the development strategy of “differentiation, industrialization and internationalization”, and horizontally arranges the industrial fields of “new materials, new energy and new environmental protection”, and the development strategy of accelerating construction of a comprehensive engineering company with international competitiveness.

In the future, ECEC will continue to fulfill the corporate mission as “Delivering value, Building the future”. ECEC aims to perform overall operation in compliance with laws and rules, overall risk management, overall internal control and management, overall integrated management, overall quality improvement and efficiency enhancement, and overall boost of high quality development. ECEC will make contribution towards the building of integrated solution service providers in the industrial engineering field and high-end chemical and advanced material suppliers of China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation Ltd.