Patents and Technologies
  • ▲National Enterprise Technology Center

    ▲National Postdoctoral Research Station

    ▲National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise

    ▲National Hi-tech Enterprise

    ▲National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise

    ▲Accreditation of the “integration of information technology and industrialization” management system by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

    ▲Technology innovation demonstration enterprise in petroleum and chemical industry

    “Joint Laboratory for Water Pollution Control” with Institute of Advanced Technology of University of Science and Technology of China

    “Joint Technology Innovation Center for Fully Biodegradable New Material” with Xinjiang Tianye

    “Joint Laboratory for Environment Technology Innovation” with Nanjing Tech University

    “Joint Laboratory for Reaction and Separation Technology with Fuzhou University

    “Practical Teaching Base” of Hefei University of Technology

    CNCEC Environmental Protection Research Institute

    The first lot of innovative enterprises in Anhui Province

    Hi-tech enterprise in Anhui Province

    Key laboratory in Anhui (for industrial wastewater and environment control)

    Polluted Site Recovery Research Center of Anhui Province

    Anhui Industrial Technical Center (for chemical wastewater treatment)

    Anhui Phosphorous Chemical Industry Green Design and Manufacturing Engineering Research Center

    Industry, University and Research Joint Demonstration Enterprise in Anhui Province

    Innovation Management Demonstration Enterprise of Anhui Province

CNCEC Environmental Protection Research Institute

CNCEC Environmental Protection Research Institute was established on June 20, 2021. It is committed to conducting research in key fields such as industrial waste water treatment, comprehensive water environment management, solid waste disposal and resource recycling utilization, soil remediation, and environmental protection and green new materials. The R&D pattern of “Research Institute + Multiple Test Bases + N Cooperation Platform” strengthens cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes, and creates an innovation platform of cooperation, sharing, openness and win-win.

Core Technology
Patent and Proprietary Technologies

ECEC was awarded as a national intellectual property advantageous enterprise in 2019. Till now, the Company has more than 150 valid patents. During the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the Company will continue to strengthen the layout of patent and proprietary technologies in the core technology field, promote the high-quality development of the company's intellectual property management, and achieve the goal of reaching more than 300 patent and proprietary technologies at the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan”.