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CNCEC Donghua Tianye 500kt/a PBAT Project - 100kt/a Capacity in Phase I Successfully Started Up
  • Release Date:2022-06-22
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On June 20th, invested and EPC contracted by ECEC, CNCEC Donghua Tianye 500kt/a PBAT Project with 100kt/a capacity in Phase I, started up successfully and produced high-quality PBAT polyester products with overall performance indices superior to China national standards.

PBAT is a kind of biodegradable plastic, which is important to eliminating white pollution in the world. It is also the "best partner" of other biodegradable materials in the modification of materials. This project adopts "efficient titanium catalyst for PBAT synthesis", which is jointly developed by ECEC and Xinjiang Tianye Co., Ltd. with independent intellectual property rights.

The products can be widely used in packaging materials, catering utensils, sanitary products, plastic film and other disposable plastic products, through modification can also be used in medical materials, photoelectronic chemistry, fine chemicals and other fields.

CNCEC Donghua Tianye New Material Co., Ltd. is jointly invested and established by ECEC and Xinjiang Tianye. The project is located in Xinjiang, covering an area of about 100000m2. Compared with projects of the same scale, the time of completion of the Project is shortened by about one-third.