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ECEC Pays Courtesy Visit to Bolivian Ambassador Siles in China
  • Release Date:2024-04-24
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On February 27th, EastChina Engineering Science and Technology CO., LTD (ECEC), a subsidiary of ChinaNational Chemical Engineering Group Corporation Ltd. (CNCEC), had the honor ofpaying a visit to His Excellency Hugo José Siles Núñez del Prado, the newlyappointed Bolivian Ambassador to China, alongside Counselor Soraya, at theirresidence in Beijing.

Ambassador Siles graciously acknowledged the significantprogress achieved by CNCEC and ECEC in enhancing Bolivia's business landscape.He underscored the auspicious occasion of this year marking the 40th anniversaryof diplomatic ties between China and Bolivia, emphasizing the increasinglyintimate bilateral relationship, underscored by notable achievements ineconomic and trade collaboration. China has steadfastly remained a trustedstrategic partner for Bolivia. At present, Bolivia stands at a pivotal juncturein its industrialization trajectory. Ambassador Siles warmly welcomed CNCEC andECEC to introduce advanced technologies to Bolivia, spanning chemicalengineering, renewable energy, environmental preservation, and related sectors,thereby expediting the industrialization of natural resources and thecomprehensive exploitation of lithium resources. The embassy stands ready toprovide streamlined cooperation mechanisms and effective promotional platformsto actively foster further strides in the amicable relations between China andBolivia.