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Linhuan Coking Co., Ltd Signed the EPC Contracts of DMC Project and High Purity Hydrogen Project
  • Release Date:2023-03-14
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On February 21st, Linhuan Coking Co.,Ltd. held the signing ceremony of the EPC contract of 100 kt/a DMC and MethanolUnit Purge Gas to High Purity Hydrogen Project in Huaibei, Anhui.

These two projects are located in Huaibei NewCoal Chemical Synthetic Materials Zone. The investment of the DMC Project isabout 900 million. Using carbon monoxide and methanol as raw materials, DMC Projectadopts methanol vapor-phase carbonylation by Ube Industries, Ltd. to produce dimethylcarbonate. The investment of the High Purity Hydrogen Project is about 100million. It uses the purge gas as raw material, through the pressure swingadsorption separation technology to produce high purity hydrogen.